In the history of automotive discoveries, very few can match the “barn find” of the Peter Max Collection of vintage Corvettes. Thirty-six Corvettes — one from each year — are discovered covered in dust in a New York City garage. Now, Corvette restorer and collector Chris Mazzilli and his team at Dream Car Restoration are taking on the challenge of restoring these legendary vehicles to their former glory. In “The Lost Corvettes” series, Chris and his team rehab the most important, the most iconic and the most valuable cars in this one-of-a-kind collection, focusing on the models with the most history and the most challenging restoration hurdles. Tracking down engine parts, adding horsepower and trying to recreate styles that have been discontinued, Chris and his team have their work cut out for them. After the series, viewers will have a chance to win each and every one of these 36 American classics in “The Lost Corvettes” Giveaway.